We are a leading Exporter & Wholesaler of HOME AUTOMATION SOLUTION such as Luxury Switch Plates, Home Control Devices, Audio Video Controls, Ornamental Switch Plate, Dimming & Touch Screen Products and Home Security System from India.

Arteor - My Home
A Complete Offer With A Unique Design

The My Home system by Legrand offers a complete integrated home automation solution with a unique design for individual homes and condominiums. The system is based on bus and radio technology, which makes subsequent installation upgrades easier. Different users interfaces allow to automate and centralize individual functions, such as lighting, roller shutters and thermostats.

Luxury Switch Plates

Asthetically appealing cover plates made out of finest natural material including wenge wood, sand leather, pearl glass, marble, stainless steel , brushed chrome.

Home Control Devices

Wirelessly controlling of lights, music, security, curtains, gates, appliances, scenarios, dimming. Through mobile phones, touch screens, scenario switches, internet , IR remotes.

Audio Video Controls

Includes Boom Barriers, Bollards, Turnstiles, Flap Barriers, Tyre Killers, Automatic Sliding Gates

Ornamental Switch Plate

Most exclusive sarvosky element face plate with ornamental finish of different size to fit all automation controls and switches and other electrical accessories.

Dimming & Touch Screen Products

Touch screen, videophone, scenario control switch, modular dimmers & volume controls encapsulated in crystal glass.

Home Security System

Intrusion detection system including sensors like gas leak, glass break, magnetic contacts, motion sensor, vibration sensor, beam detector, microwave sensors.