Enclosures & Cabinets
Solutions For Any Type Of Installation

A wide range of cabinets for rail equipment available in different standards, designed for optimised wiring, maximum ease of installation and time-saving.

Home Security for the Rest of Us

    With Smart Things, You Can:

Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere

Turn on indoor and outdoor lights from wherever you are

Get instant alerts if doors and windows open unexpectedly

Trigger lights or an optional alarm to automatically turn on when there’s unwanted movement or entry

Receive immediate notifications if there’s unexpected movement or entry outside or inside your home

Know if valuable items like jewelry cases are opened or tampered with

Coming soon: Receive a video or photos on your Smartphone whenever unwanted entry occurs

Stay Close to What Matters Most

    With Smart Things, You Can:

Monitor movement, temperature, and activity throughout your home

Get notifications when family members arrive and leave home

Know if you remembered to close the garage, windows, and the front door

Rest easy knowing valuable, dangerous, and off-limits items are secured

Receive alerts when HVAC, electricity, or other important systems break down

Trigger A/C units, portable heaters, thermostats, and other electronics and appliances to automatically turn off when you leave

Get early warnings to prevent leaks from causing floods and structural damage

Limitless Possibilities to Fit Your Lifestyle

    With Smart Things, You Can:

Leave your keys at home–you won’t need ‘em anymore

Automatically start the coffee machine when you wake up

Get light to follow you as you go from room to room

Set rules to automatically turn off your lights, electronics, and thermostat at different times or when not needed

Set your washing machine to tell you when the laundry’s done

Get an alert if your pet unexpectedly leaves home

Change the color of your Philips hue lights when you get a new Twitter follower

Make it look like you’re home when you’re on the go

...and so much more